About Me

Vipin Bhasin

Leader, Innovator, Writer, and Speaker


Vipin holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Mumbai University and has 2 decades of experience working in the field of Information Technology.

He has previously led Artificial Intelligence at Accenture for the Growth Markets Geography and as an AI Practice Builder. He has a few patents in the field of Artificial Intelligence and is passionate about building effective teams, and leveraging innovative technologies to create high growth products and provide efficient services.

Originally from the outskirts of Mumbai, India, he has lived in Germany and Dubai, and is now based in Pune, India. He loves books, yoga, and traveling.


Google TensorFlow World, 2019
Doc classification in Insurance
San Francisco, USA

AI Masterclass, 2019
For Economic Times – AI @ Scale
Mumbai, India

Amazon AI Conclave, 2019
Visual Search in Retail
Bengaluru, India

Get in touch

Vipin is always available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about AI, books, yoga, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.


AI Step up Module
Ethical AI
Atal Innovation Mission, 2020

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