Mahé : La Digue : Ile Moyenne – Seychelles (2019)

Seychelles is one of the most beautiful Island nation that I have visited. 115 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, with Mahé as the main airport city and the capital of this ocean nation. The people are another reason this place is one of my favorites – welcoming, respectful and enjoying their time on this planet.

To begin with, you land in the middle of the Ocean and get down from the plane on the Tarmac. We visited in the month of May which is a good time to visit – tropical weather throughout the year, but in May, the rains are little less and the Ocean a bit calm.

Don’t you just love this airport !?!

Airbnb provides a lot of homes, apartments, villas and what not. I booked a 3 bedroom home at the north end of the island. A very relaxed location, not near any of the city’s buzzing markets and you will need your own car if you wish to stay this far from the center. (SIM, car, visa and other notes at the end)

A lawn to relax and a full kitchen to cook your own food.
The view from the house. #noedits

Generally, on the day of arrival, I do not travel too much. So in the evening, we went to the Sunset Beach very close to our house. The timing and weather seemed to be just perfect for clicks. And the kiddo was super happy to take off her shoes and run to the cool and calming waters.

Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach

The next day, I decided to do a trek with my wife in the Morne Seychelles National Park. There are many hiking trails, and depending on your energy and time, you could pick the one best suited to you. We chose the Morne Blanc trail – easy climb, guided by markers throughout. Leave early so you can be back by afternoon, before the Sun really comes up on top of your heads.

West coast
East coast – all the big houses, restaurants, yachts and ports are on this side. Had our lunch down there.

In the late afternoon, we decided to visit the South of Mahé – Grand Anse and Petit Anse beaches. Grand Anse is just off the road. But for Petit Anse, you need to go through the Four Seasons Resort and mostly they would request you to walk down to the beach from the entry gate. They allowed me to use their buggy since my parents were with me. (Remember point about the nice people I mentioned earlier).

P.S. The waves are pretty strong. And the slopes on the beach are at an higher angle. Be careful and go deep only if you are a strong ocean swimmer.

Grand Anse. 3 generations.
Petit Anse

When traveling to any Island nation, Island hopping has to be on your list. The boat rides can be a little expensive for solo bookings, and you might not want to be in a huge group too. Fortunately, Seychelles has intermediate options where you are only with a 4 to 5 families on a boat that is medium sized. Remember that even though the ride is 45 to 60 minutes, you are still in the middle of the huge Indian Ocean – so expect it to be bumpy and filled with medium sized waves.

Tiny islands strewn across the archipelago

We visited Anse Source d’Argent beach on La Digue island. This is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. The best part was that only golf carts and cycles are allowed on this 10 km wide island. So no worries about pollution or accidents. And the food was just amazing! No food photos though – focus was on eating!

1 day was kept as a break day and the next, we visited another couple of islands. For this day, we rented a glass bottom boat only for our family. The first activity was feeding the fish. I did not opt for snorkeling as I wanted to be with family. Next time.

Mom feeding the fish.
The glass bottom is good as you can view the corals below and also view bigger fish.

Ile Moyenne, also known locally as Tortoise Island, is a small island, home to a Tortoise sanctuary and couple of beautiful small beaches. You will need tickets. One note: water is generally expensive to buy on islands – carry with you as much you can or need.

Tortoise Island – Ile Moyenne

Our last stop for the day was a fish and chicken barbecue at Ile au Cerf island. Ile au Cerf is a scenic, natural island with white sand beaches, casual cafes, water sports & an adventure park. Our objective was to find an isolated beach to barbecue and relax to eat, which we did.

Fish and Chicken barbecue. Salad for the vegetarians.

In summary, the trip was for 7 days and we did a few things with break days spread in between. There are so many more things we did, and some of those I am sharing below in images – like walking around Victoria, on Mahé Island, the capital city of the Seychelles archipelago. Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market is a famous place, and so is the Victoria Clock Tower. There is a Hindu Temple, Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple, which also can be visited.

The Victoria Clock Tower
Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple, Victoria

With that, I would like to take your leave. Share more soon, as time permits. Happy and Safe Travels everyone!


** SIDE NOTES for fellow travelers

* First, anyone planning to visit Seychelles needs 1 very important thing first… and maybe even lots of it…


* I would recommend taking Euros in cash plus Euros forex card. It is an accepted currency in Seychelles easily exchanged. And when done with the trip, you can go back to your own country and easily get you own local currency in exchange for Euros.

* Secondly, for Indians, especially from Mumbai, there is a direct Air Seychelles flight which is very early in the morning, but the best option to travel to Seychelles in 4.5 hours. Although it is at an uncomfortable time, what it ensures is that you reach in the day, and can complete your moving in activities easily as all shops and markets are open.

* Visa on Arrival is an option that is available to Indians and many other countries. Primarily, you will need your bank statement to show a certain amount of money – amount and requirements might change so please check the rules before you plan your travel. As mentioned in point 1 – money is important for a Seychelles visit.

* Another point is – my recommendation – do not book your rental cars via website. The international rental companies with websites are expensive, and do not provide the best locations for pickup and drop. Just get out of the airport, and immediately to your left are many car rental outlets. I picked a Hyundai ix35 for a family of 5; and 4 big suitcases to go in the trunk. The car rental company was Nelson’s Car Hire.

* Last, but not the least, get a SIM card outside the airport too. Easily available and switches on almost instantly. I got an Airtel SIM as when I visited, they seemed to have the most coverage.

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