Quedlinburg – Germany (2016)

Quedlinburg is a town located to the North of the Harz mountains in Germany. It was just an hour’s drive from where we lived. I had to drop off my daughter to a birthday party and pick her up after a few hours. So a quick trip on a pleasant winter afternoon was completely justified,Continue reading “Quedlinburg – Germany (2016)”

Lucerne : Jungfrau : Rigi : Zürich – Switzerland (2014)

Switzerland is a country that every Indian dreams of visiting since they first get a taste of Bollywood. It is the one place on Earth that is advertised as the most beautiful place on Earth with the greenest of green grass and the whitest of white snow and the coolest and cleanest of all placesContinue reading “Lucerne : Jungfrau : Rigi : Zürich – Switzerland (2014)”

Innsbruck : Hallstatt : Dachstein – Austria (2014)

Austria is one of the most naturally beautiful place in Europe. I was lucky to have travelled during semi-peak season of September with less crowds, less snow and greenery still visible across. The weather was perfect – expect drizzling rain throughout your stay if you visit in September like I did. What I quickly learntContinue reading “Innsbruck : Hallstatt : Dachstein – Austria (2014)”

Mahé : La Digue : Ile Moyenne – Seychelles (2019)

Seychelles is one of the most beautiful Island nation that I have visited. 115 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, with Mahé as the main airport city and the capital of this ocean nation. The people are another reason this place is one of my favorites – welcoming, respectful and enjoying their timeContinue reading “Mahé : La Digue : Ile Moyenne – Seychelles (2019)”