Quedlinburg – Germany (2016)

Quedlinburg is a town located to the North of the Harz mountains in Germany. It was just an hour’s drive from where we lived. I had to drop off my daughter to a birthday party and pick her up after a few hours. So a quick trip on a pleasant winter afternoon was completely justified, and worth.

Marktkirche St. Benediktii is a very beautiful old church built in the 1200s to early 1300s. It is a central sacred building of the historic old town.

Excuse the 2016 camera blurriness due to low light

Quedlinburg is known for its medieval streets lined with half-timbered houses. The Marktplatz is very picturesque and surrounded by historic architecture, a variety of shops and cafes.

Winter afternoons at the Marktplatz
Rathaus at one end of the Marktplatz

Overlooking the city is Quedlinburg Castle. The castle complex includes Romanesque-style Church of St. Servatius, which houses the tomb of 10th-century German king Henry I.

Just love how the castle blends in with the rock formation around it
The town from the atop the Castle hill

It was a short trip, as far as trips go, and we picked up our daughter in time.

Tip – Do ensure to sit down for Coffee and Cake at one of the Cafe’s around the Marktplatz – 100% worth it!

That said, I take your leave with some more pictures. Until the next article…. bye!

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