Everyone feels stuck at some point in their life. Life has a strange way of bringing this word into our routine, exciting, boring, adventurous or the most balanced of journeys.

To make matters worse, you could be stuck with anything – work, studies, creativity, health, money, parenthood, family, and on and on. There is no single entrapment greater than others.

“Been there, done that” – right? I am sure most of us have.

There is a structured way to deal with this situation, though. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a high-performers yearly event. Some very senior alumni, working for the top consulting organizations of their time, were also present. There was one session which specifically “stuck” in my head.

When one feels stuck, there is one of only a few options available at hand:

1. Love it – Consider this as the start. You were here – you loved what you were doing. You were happy and all your energies were in the right place – mostly positive and less negative. Until the day you realized that something has changed, and you started to experience the felling of being stuck, moving away from the top block.

The objective is to show how you can get back to “Loving” and to free yourself from the feeling of being stuck.

2. Change it – If you can’t love where you are – change the situation. Try something new – request, demand, learn, follow a leader, lead the change, and on and on. Do everything in your control to get a change to the current situation.
** Remember – be honest to yourself, and apply your complete energy to the process.

3. Leave it – If you still feel stuck, changing things has not helped – just leave. Whatever you are stuck with – work, relationships, money, studies – leave. Depending on the situation, this could mean – trying to find another work option, getting a different home to stay, learning something completely new, moving back to your old town or village, and so on. The objective is to stay away from the topics that led to your entrapment and do something new.

** the diagram above is a loop
And last, the toughest and the most important step
If you still feel stuck in limbo, even after you have tried changing and leaving things, you have been honest to yourself, and applied all your energy on the journey to this point – there is nothing more to try or to do.
Forgive and Accept. Show Courage.
Love the world around you as it is – and free yourself.


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5 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Without knowing this, I actually followed the principles described above few times in my life and came to decisions, which turned out to be right… A good post, thanks for it!

  2. Very good post.. Honrstly most of the times when I feel stuck I don’t follow the step of “change it” and just jump to “leave it”.. so I think reading this I will definitely try to make sure I go through this loop before exiting

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