Indian IT job market – March 2023

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Role: Practice Builder, Product Manager, Thought Leader, Solutioning Lead
Skills: Data & AI, Cloud, Digital Transformation, Stakeholder Management, Vendor Management, Solutioning, and more.
Years: 20

Did you know: It takes approximately 6 months (on average) to find the right piece of work, especially given the years of experience I have and…. ummm… the other factor. 🤑

So I decided to share monthly hiring market updates. Note that these are primarily my own views, basis my own discussions with leaders and human resource managers across various companies. And hence, for a certain level of experience and skills.


Who is not hiring?
Primarily the big tech and big services companies.
Most of them hired people at very high salaries between 2020 and 2022; and promoted aggressively during COVID times. They had expected the markets to continue the growth beyond COVID. But due to recent global events, some which we are aware of, and some will unfold in the days to come, these expectations could not be met. Hence, the layoffs.

From what I have observed, hiring at junior levels in all of these firms is on, although not as much as earlier. Their primary focus for higher levels is to try to reach out via Alumni initiatives, and fill their diversity quotas. Although, these initiatives are pretty slow moving and do not drive the same level of urgency as when a demand manager is sitting on the recruitment teams head for a role that is sold to the client and expected to start tomorrow.

I expect a quarter or 2 quarters of quiet time at max.


Who is hiring?
Industry specific & Medium to Small size IT firms

Industry specific would be firms specialized in Finance, Manufacturing, Products, Industrial IoT, Life sciences, Telecom and so on. These firms with in-house tech departments (or captives in India) are looking for VPs, Directors, Heads of Data Science and Engineering, Product Managers, Thought Leaders (R&D) and all kinds of senior to mid-senior level roles.

The medium to small size IT firms, whether startups or established firms, consulting, product based or IT services firms, are the ones hiring seniors at this moment. Roles here range from CTO, Director, Head of Data Science, Product Management, Presales and Solutioning Leads, and so on.


In summary, lots of job opportunities in the market. Finding the right one for you might take some time. So, be patient and do not jump into something which is not the right fit for you.

Analogy: Like you tune an AI model’s hyperparameters, you need to continue to tune your learning rate, run multiple epochs and achieve a state of minimal loss for your career.

Until next month; signing off.

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