The Ugly Ad Boards – time to go digital and sustainable!

This image is the exact opposite of what sustainability stands for.

It is impossible that any human, not fitted without AI vision, can process all of these boards, in the time they need to cross this junction.

Which view would you prefer while driving? Image 1 or Image 2?

Image 1 – India
Image 2 – Switzerland

Here are some of my travel posts – just look at the images and tell me how many ad boards do you find in these images? I also added a gallery of some images for faster reference.


I am a hundred percent sure that this point needs no further elaboration. Some final facts. There are a billion smartphone users in India today. An average human is exposed to 6000 to 10000 ads daily! These numbers are already crazy – we do not need additional physical ugly ad boards.

In summary, following can be done in India:

1. All new highways will get ad boards only in a very restricted space near traffic stops. The rest of the highway should be left open and empty.

2. A Sustainability policy linked with ad boards within cities. These should not be allowed until absolutely necessary.

3. Put a major tax on ad boards and make the ad board business model inefficient, as it is not helpful for the country, instead causing damage.

4. For existing ad boards, once the lease from the ad company is over, the boards have to be taken down. OR taken down maximum in a year from now anyway.

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