The world we live in, is filled with the Artificial.
For example: Artificial Flowers, Artificial Food, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Organs, Artificial Rain, Artificial Food additives and the list can go on and on…
Is this a bad thing? Not always. Artificial Organs for example, are a good thing. These help human beings who would otherwise be disabled in some sense to live their lives much better.
Artificial Flowers or Grass, are a bad thing. These do not help human beings in any way. This is just a means of earning money for most of the people manufacturing these in their big plastic factories.

Let us consider the artificial flowers topic; because that’s where the issue lies.

  • Natural Flowers:
    • You have to get these regularly from a shop. This gives you an opportunity to meet other people on a regular basis.
    • You can change the flowers on a regular basis. This gives you an opportunity to research and learn about flowers on a regular basis.
    • You need to maintain these on a regular basis. This gives you an opportunity to exercise your body – get up from your seat and play with the plants a bit.
    • You get a hobby for the rest of your life, and if you have a good garden, the city council might just send some rewards your way for being a good citizen!
  • Artificial Flowers:
    • You get these from a shop once in a few years. Nothing to do or learn or socialize.

The above example is pretty simple, but gives a clear view of how artificial items take away a lot more from our lives. Yes, the effort to manufacture and maintain natural items is more.
But, that additional effort also gives us human beings a lot more to live for and learn from. An opportunity to be a human being.


Another example we can consider is Artificial Trees. You can see these being deployed in cities nowadays, to reduce pollution. This is a huge irony.
Humans cut natural trees. Humans build concrete jungles. Humans cause pollution. And then create “Artificial” Trees. And such efforts get applauded by various environmental organizations…not good.
We can take more examples. Although, each will end up showing how we should have looked for Natural solutions in the first place.

These simple thoughts made me think – why did I never realize or think of this earlier? Why is no one else writing or talking about this more?
Human beings today are so accustomed to using artificial stuff, that we have started to desist using the natural items, even if they are easily available to us.
And after a lot of thinking, and going through various reasons (men are lazy, want money, don’t care about the planet, etc. etc.), I realized it’s connected to language.

When you think, if you are using simpler words to represent complex topics, your brain will never raise an alarm as it is a simple and irrelevant word (hence irrelevant topic).

Definitions of 3 key words below:
NATURAL : Existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind.
ARTIFICIAL : Made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural.
UNNATURAL : Contrary to the ordinary course of nature; abnormal. Not existing in nature; artificial.

We have always used the word “Artificial” to define everything made by us humans – especially as a copy of something natural. This word does not make us think.
The word that will make us think is “Unnatural”. Instantly, the thought process changes. The impact when you use the correct word is just phenomenal.

Let’s try it!

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