A small, fun post on how people react to the same thing differently…

** For those who do not understand the word ‘release’ – roughly put, it is the day you end all work on your product – development, testing, reviews – and release the product to the end users. There can be press releases, software releases, new phone releases, and so on.

Software Release
Let the medium and low defects go to production for the first release.
We will fix these in the next release.
Rationale – Professional approach supported by software methodologies
People — Agreed!

Phone Release
Let’s release the same phone with minor hardware and software changes.
Bug fixes can be done throughout the year. We will call them – security fixes.
Rationale – Tech growth is slow, this is the best we have to offer in a year.
People – Agreed! Waiting 2-3 years for better upgrades – who does that!

News channels – new stories
Oh breaking news! Awesome! Start now – we will relay more info as we get it. ** If false we will retract later…for now just go ahead!
Rationale – Honesty factory. Developing story.
People — Agreed!


Construction companies
Go ahead and give the possession of the apartments to the society.
Lobby and Garden work can be finished later.
Rationale – Practical, people need home first, garden later
People — Agreed!

Government policies
Basis all reviews and feedback from people, let’s release this new policy.
We will fix the medium and low priority issues as we go along.
Rationale – Practical approach, people need the bigger issues resolved ASAP.
People — CRAZY…Who implements stuff like this!?!? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

** For the serious folks – yes, solutions exist. They lie in end user education and change management.

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