Ethical AI – Scorecards & Governance

The first thing to do, for any governing body that is serious about implementing governance over Artificial Intelligence, is to come up with a simple and effective scorecard. No AI model should be released into the real world, until and unless this scorecard is attached alongside the model distribution. And the scorecard will be evaluatedContinue reading “Ethical AI – Scorecards & Governance”

Laid off? Believe in yourself. Options and Actions.

A layoff is an unexpected and direct shock to your system. There are no 2 ways about this. And when layoffs happen in bulk, they cause shockwaves in the entire professional community leading to a period of sadness and uncertainty for everyone. I am no different. Earlier today, I read a post from an employeeContinue reading “Laid off? Believe in yourself. Options and Actions.”

Dear Non-Resident Indians – confused where to live?

Migrated to another country, but not enjoying it? Unable to decide whether to stay or to come back? What would be best for your child? You wish to come back, but your spouse does not? What about earning money and retiring earlier? What about festivals? Culture? Friends? Family? Aaahhhhh…..!!!! People think that immigrating to anotherContinue reading “Dear Non-Resident Indians – confused where to live?”

Short Story – Scared

Once upon a time, there lived a family of 4, high up in the snowy mountains – dog, baby, woman and man. One day, the baby was playing and the dog was laying at the corner of the room. The baby got itself entangled in some rope and started to appear distressed. The German ShepherdContinue reading “Short Story – Scared”


A small, fun post on how people react to the same thing differently… ** For those who do not understand the word ‘release’ – roughly put, it is the day you end all work on your product – development, testing, reviews – and release the product to the end users. There can be press releases,Continue reading “Releases”