What does a 60-hour work week schedule look like?

It can be fun, motivating and manageable, but only if you do it right. Read on to find out more. Wake up at 7 am Yoga and Meditation from 7.30 am to 8.30 am Breakfast and Tea from 8.30 am to 9.00 am Work starts at 9.00 am sharp. Work ends at 9.00 pm max.Continue reading “What does a 60-hour work week schedule look like?”

Want to reduce your screen time, and make it productive? Here’s what I did.

If you were born in the 18th century, screen time would have been a non-issue. But we are here, and screens are not going to go away any time soon. And the addiction to screens has only been increased with the incorporation of AI into literally everything that you see on a screen. The momentContinue reading “Want to reduce your screen time, and make it productive? Here’s what I did.”

The Power of Patience: The Unsung Hero of Personal Growth

In a fast-paced world that perpetually craves immediate results and quick fixes, we often tend to undervalue one crucial virtue: Patience. Indeed, as the adage goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” signifying that all things worth having necessitate time, effort, and above all, patience. While often overlooked, patience is undeniably one of the mostContinue reading “The Power of Patience: The Unsung Hero of Personal Growth”

LLMs + Knowledge Graphs (#GPT4Generated)

There isn’t a definitive answer to whether it’s better to use knowledge graphs for language modeling instead of large language models like GPT-4, as each approach has its own advantages and limitations. The choice depends on the specific goals and requirements of a given task or application. Advantages of knowledge graphs: Limitations of knowledge graphs:Continue reading “LLMs + Knowledge Graphs (#GPT4Generated)”

You are Precious

All 3 are on the same plant. All 3 at different stages of their journey through life. All 3 equally precious. You, my dear reader, are equally precious. Not because of the stage of life you are in. As you can see, it does not matter. You are precious, because you exist! “Like” if youContinue reading “You are Precious”

The Circles of Wealth – Part 2

PART 1 You would remember, we ended part 1 of this post with a very important conclusion –For 99% of the people on this planet, the family you are born in decides the monetary progress you will achieve in the rest of your life. Do read Part 1 to help make sense of the above; andContinue reading “The Circles of Wealth – Part 2”


Book – Definition a written work that is published as printed pages fastened together inside a cover, or in electronic form. Books have a strange way of guiding your life. Books never hold you accountable, allow complete privacy, never threaten, do not spoon feed, and still, by the time you are done reading a book,Continue reading “Books”

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