Mansplaining vs Mothering

Given the times we live in, most of you have heard of the word “Mansplaining” by now. The opposite behavior to Mansplaining is “Mothering” behavior towards a grown man. Here is a table outlining some of the differences between mansplaining and when a woman engages in mothering behavior towards a grown man: Mansplaining Mothering DefinitionContinue reading “Mansplaining vs Mothering”

Life skills your child should learn before leaving your home

Schools and colleges are creating workers. And most parents are worried about their kids just enough, to ensure the kids can clear their school / college examinations and get a good “job”. While formal education is important, both seem mostly clueless, and neither is interested in teaching kids the basic life skills – the importanceContinue reading “Life skills your child should learn before leaving your home”

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a vendor geared towards programmers. Google is famed for innovation and cutting-edge technology. This reflects on Google Cloud, with its advanced networking and edge-caching services. Google Cloud has been an area of exploration for me for quite some time, and I have learnt many things along the way. I got certified by GoogleContinue reading “Google Cloud”