Ethical AI – Scorecards & Governance

The first thing to do, for any governing body that is serious about implementing governance over Artificial Intelligence, is to come up with a simple and effective scorecard. No AI model should be released into the real world, until and unless this scorecard is attached alongside the model distribution. And the scorecard will be evaluatedContinue reading “Ethical AI – Scorecards & Governance”

AI and Kids (Gen Next)

This is a short post. Some pictures created by Midjourney and the prompts used are below. Prompt 1 : a robot explaining the concepts of the universe to a human being in space just outside our solar system, super realistic Prompt 2 : a tree with cherry blossoms falling from it in the middle ofContinue reading “AI and Kids (Gen Next)”

Future of Planet Earth: Technology + AI (GPT3)

What is the future of our planet earth? As an AI language model, I cannot predict the future with certainty, but I can provide insights based on current scientific research and trends. The future of our planet depends on the actions we take to address the challenges we face, including climate change, pollution, loss ofContinue reading “Future of Planet Earth: Technology + AI (GPT3)”

3D Printing – What can Manufacturers do to Mitigate this Risk?

As of today, 3D printing is possible for varied products using a composition of multiple chemicals and compounds. From basic shapes like cubes and spheres; to shoes; to ceramic mugs and plates; to body parts and bones; to literally houses; and last but not the least, components for rockets being sent to space! reference EachContinue reading “3D Printing – What can Manufacturers do to Mitigate this Risk?”