Short Story – Finn’s adventures: To the Emerald Isle

Once upon a time, in the small coastal town of Rosaline, lived a young fisherman named Finn. His days were spent in the serene solitude of the open sea, and his nights under the glimmering canvas of stars. It was a peaceful life, but Finn yearned for more. He wished to uncover the mysteries ofContinue reading “Short Story – Finn’s adventures: To the Emerald Isle”

AI and Kids (Gen Next)

This is a short post. Some pictures created by Midjourney and the prompts used are below. Prompt 1 : a robot explaining the concepts of the universe to a human being in space just outside our solar system, super realistic Prompt 2 : a tree with cherry blossoms falling from it in the middle ofContinue reading “AI and Kids (Gen Next)”