AI and Kids (Gen Next)

This is a short post.

Some pictures created by Midjourney and the prompts used are below.

Prompt 1 : a robot explaining the concepts of the universe to a human being in space just outside our solar system, super realistic


Prompt 2 : a tree with cherry blossoms falling from it in the middle of a lush, green lawn in spring, with orangish pink skies, super realistic


Prompt 3 : harry potter as a girl, with long light brown hair flying behind, standing beside a stone well, in a plain with huge mountains behind, and rainy weather with huge grey clouds looming above in the sky, super realistic, 4K, photorealistic


I play with GPT4 and Midjourney from time to time, trying to understand and learn how to prompt the AI models correctly, so I can get the answers I wish for. It is slightly difficult for me, because I try to treat them almost human like, which does not work, since these AI models are not human!

My daughter came up to me, and said she wanted to create some images using Midjourney. “Why not”, I said. Handed over the system to her, and mind blown!

The first 2 images – robots – with the short prompt – are by me.

The next 4 images, with the 2 prompts – are by her. Just see the detailed instructions by the time she got to her second prompt.

Primarily, I wish to end with the fact, that every generation, over the last couple of centuries, has worried that new technology is going to replace human beings and there will be no work left to do for the next generation.

The reality is, humanity always adapts. I just learnt this first hand at home.

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