The Circles of Wealth – Part 2


You would remember, we ended part 1 of this post with a very important conclusion –
For 99% of the people on this planet, the family you are born in decides the monetary progress you will achieve in the rest of your life.
Do read Part 1 to help make sense of the above; and what follows below.


What if you wish to be a part of the 1% people who defy this rule?

Obviously, there is no fixed formula to make it across 2 levels. There are certain factors though. Most well known factors are:
* Hard work / smart work
* Discipline & Habits
* Knowledge of finance and networking
* Patience and knowing how compounding works
* Failures and mistakes, plan to fail fast
* Expertise in particular skills required for your growth

And so on. These can be found in hundreds of books across the planet.

The objective of this post is to cover a few factors that are generally left out of most self help books. These will prepare you better for what is to come.

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A : Energy & Health

Energy management** is a key component for making wealth. You need to ensure to be around people and activities that provide positive energy, and try to reduce negative energy around you as much as possible.
** Beautiful post – covers a lot on energy management.
And if your health is bad, it becomes a primary contributor of negative energy in your life. Without even the requirement of anyone else contributing additional negative energy, your own body and mind will become your first enemy.
Hence, remember always – Health is Wealth. Without good health, you will surely not be able to meet your targets. Eat right and exercise daily.

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B : Family & Friends

There is this adage since the time of the old :
If you wish to go fast, go alone. If you wish to go far, go together.

When trying to skip more than 2 levels, within your life span, the only option is to go fast. At least initially. Point to remember is : your family and friends have subconsciously decided to stay in their own level range. Some might call it “comfort zones”. This is not wrong, for them. No need to judge. You are the one excited to skip 2 levels, not them.

Hence, when you begin your journey, you will be pulled back by your own family and friends for working too much, not spending enough time with them, not taking care of your health, and many other emotional hurdles which they believe to be important. The closer they are to you, the more they will try to exert their influence. Which makes moving ahead extremely difficult. 🙂

In other words,
EITHER you have to be very good at managing family expectations
OR forget about your family and friends for the next 10 to 20 years.

The OR part is especially tricky. Once you are financially set in 10 to 20 years time, you can still go back to planning the “Go Together” bit and pick up your family life back from this stage. They might come back – they might not. You have to be prepared to accept this risk of having to live alone for the rest of your life.

P.S. I am not saying that you will 100% have to leave family and friends behind.
But, this is a high possibility and very likely scenario, except in very rare occasions.
So be prepared to face this hurdle. Your next generations will be spared of this pain, because of your sacrifice.

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C : Control & Luck

I would like to repeat a powerful story from one of my earlier posts.

Suppose you are climbing a mountain
Would the views at the top be worth the same, if you landed directly at the top riding in a helicopter instead of trekking?
What was the most important part for you when you planned to visit the mountain top – Was it just reaching the top? Or – was it the journey to reach the top?
Would you consider yourself a success only if you make it to the top?
What would you consider yourself if you met with an accident enroute, and could never climb to the top again?
Do you think you were ever completely in control to reach the top?

A lot is not in your control. And a lot depends on Chance and Opportunity and Luck. These are factors which cannot be pre-determined nor calculated. Hence, focusing on the approaches and finances and health and family and everything else is fine, but do not beat yourself for things which might not have been in your control. Just take the positives as well as the punches together, and keep moving, in the comfort of the fact that you learnt something new.



I found this beautiful YouTube shorts video of Sadhguru which sort of summarizes the posts – in other words:

Short Extract from the video:
If you want to do your own thing, you must understand there will be a price to pay. Only thing you are complaining about is, How to have what I want without paying a price. There is no such life.

Profound! 🙂

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