Mansplaining vs Mothering

Given the times we live in, most of you have heard of the word “Mansplaining” by now. The opposite behavior to Mansplaining is “Mothering” behavior towards a grown man. Here is a table outlining some of the differences between mansplaining and when a woman engages in mothering behavior towards a grown man: Mansplaining Mothering DefinitionContinue reading “Mansplaining vs Mothering”

Disposable – Men

2220 A.D. The story begins with Meera, a woman in her mid-life, waiting in a queue, lost in her thoughts. She has been struggling the last few months. Not financially. Financially, she is highly independent, has strong work ethic, has a great set of investments and is one of the top AI Bots Trainer. ThisContinue reading “Disposable – Men”