Disposable – Men

2220 A.D.
The story begins with Meera, a woman in her mid-life, waiting in a queue, lost in her thoughts.

She has been struggling the last few months. Not financially. Financially, she is highly independent, has strong work ethic, has a great set of investments and is one of the top AI Bots Trainer.

This is a struggle in her personal life – she wants to become a mother – she wants a baby – to hold, to take care of, to Love. And the only way to do so, is via a robotic mechanical process as dictated by the Rulers of Earth.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hence, the thoughts and stress. After all, the success rate even after so many years has barely crossed 70%. If all goes well, in 9 months, she would finally be a mother to one of the most beautiful, DNA edited child.

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1900 A.D.
It was realized long ago, that as the world became more industrious, innovative and automated, muscle and strength were no longer a requirement. There was no need, because – “robots”. Very similar to how we don’t need horses anymore.

In addition, a learning from the poultry and beef farms was very clear – the need for a male population was highly overrated. One male amongst thousands of females, was enough to continue to maintain the population and keep the business running as if nothing had changed.

Combining these 2 points, the bad section of the rich and the powerful fueled feminist movements across the world, while they quietly continued working on reducing jobs for men across the world.

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2000 A.D.
Writers replaced “he/him” by “she/her” in almost all new books.
Fat women became models. Fat men not.
Thin women became firefighters. Thin men not.
And so on. Many actions were taken to ensure 100% reverse bias.

Men work and provide, primarily so they can achieve status in society and so they can reproduce. Women could provide for themselves now. Marriages took place primarily due to societal and parental pressures, and failure of marriage became a common occurrence worldwide.

Reproduction has been a primary process behind evolution and growth of humanity. And reproduction needed 2 opposite genders, until the 21st Century. This basic evolutionary design saw a change finally – women could have babies without men. Men alone could not.

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Various feminist movements and protests ensured that the focus remained on atrocities caused by men towards women. These were sponsored by men and women who actually were the most atrocious. The average honest men were kept depressed and separated.

Despite their support towards feminism, men could never gather enough power to start protests of their own. What would they protest against? They could protest against robots, but the robots were here to stay – our next stage of evolution. So the fight primarily was going to be – against women.

What humanity needs to understand is – honest men with real integrity do not and can not fight women. It is biologically impossible. All these honest real men can do, is support whatever cause is primary to women in their times. And hence, they could do nothing but to support the feminist movement, protest against robots, and slowly move towards their end game.

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2100 A.D.
People had been prepared via numerous Hollywood movies and 24×7 news broadcasts – that a reduced population is better for the planet. What with all the global warming and shortage of resources – food, water, fuel, air pollution.

When the time was right – we saw the great world war. It led to a nuclear holocaust of unimaginable proportions. Billions were killed. Still, billions survived. Mostly women and children.
** Some conspiracy theorists have been claiming that COVID was already a step in this direction – killing men and elderly while sparing women and children. Google it.

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2150 A.D.
Men are evil. And the root cause of the world war. Mass slaughter coupled with brainwashing continues (**using AI bots). So does an increase in men suicide. Men almost disappear. Except for a few million, to keep the human poultry farm intact. And some for entertainment purposes.

A few super successful men and women rule the entire planet.

The number of women who are depressed grows by the day. They feel like they are living in cages, just like all the other animals that are slaughtered daily for our food today.

And to bring a child on this planet, is a thought that only the most desperate, and wealthy, woman would have – and by 2200, there are many – like Meera.

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Teach your daughters to cherish the time they have with men on this planet.

The fact is – men, in their current numbers, are no longer needed.

Men are disposable.

** Nobody was hurt during the writing of this article.
This is purely a work of fiction.

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