Short Story – Scared

Once upon a time, there lived a family of 4, high up in the snowy mountains – dog, baby, woman and man.

One day, the baby was playing and the dog was laying at the corner of the room. The baby got itself entangled in some rope and started to appear distressed. The German Shepherd jumped to it’s rescue and tried to pull at the rope. Alas, the dog nicked the child with it’s teeth.

Turns out, the man and woman never trusted the dog. The same time that they were dependent on the German Shepherd to guard them, they were also secretly scared of it.

The baby was taken to the hospital and the dog was put down.

Moral – Be wary of people around you; especially those who are scared of you. Even though you might be the provider / guard, they will not hesitate for a moment to put you down when things go south – since for them – you were always an animal.

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