Dear Non-Resident Indians – confused where to live?

Migrated to another country, but not enjoying it? Unable to decide whether to stay or to come back? What would be best for your child? You wish to come back, but your spouse does not? What about earning money and retiring earlier? What about festivals? Culture? Friends? Family? Aaahhhhh…..!!!!

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People think that immigrating to another country would be the pathway to their best life. Instead, that decision to migrate, becomes the main source of their problems – leading to confusion, demotivation and in some cases, even depression.

There are millions of Non-Resident Indians. And many are grappling with the same questions. Some have moved recently, while others have been living outside for more than a decade and are still confused. Many have spoken with me on this topic.

Remember this song from 1986.
People were confused even 4 decades ago…

As always, in the era of videos and podcasts, I am not going to write a very long article or a book explaining every single problem and what could be the solution to it. In other words, no long lectures or comparisons between countries and people.

In fact, if you are reading this, you know very well how to create lists, write down pros and cons of each location, for yourself, your wife and your child. Some of the points to list down are : Health, Wealth, Spouse, Child, Self, Culture, Community, Career opportunities for your skills, Infrastructure, Governance, Corruption, and last but not the least, Population and Traffic! 🙂

You probably have also selected a weightage for each point, and ranked it. Then decided how many marks does each point get for the 2 countries in competition. The gap between India vs the rest of the world is reducing, which also is adding to the confusion. But ‘create a list’, is not my point.

Being Indian, 99% of you might have probably created multiple lists – written on paper or mental notes, doesn’t matter.
And you are still “confused”. Want to know why?

Because this is not a decision that is taken by your logical brain.

It is a decision based on your feeling brain, which has evolved over generations and cannot be changed over a short period of 10 to 20 years.

You are not alone in this. Your confusion is not new. Nor is it unique.
What you lack, is : courage. Your logical brain worries and stops you from taking the next steps that your feeling brain desperately needs.
You will have to show courage, and take the next step. Over-thinking and Over-analyzing won’t help. Listen to your feelings. Take action.

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One thought on “Dear Non-Resident Indians – confused where to live?

  1. Did go through same confusion for sometime, but took a decision and put an end to unnecessary worries of to stay or go back.

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