AI & The Evolving Landscape of Personal Data Privacy

Photo by Pixabay on If I wish to create an AI Avatar based on all public data that is available on Amitabh Bachchan, what is stopping me as of today or even tomorrow? OR, imagine a daughter, who being an AI scientist, creates an avatar based on her father’s writings, social media, messages, images,Continue reading “AI & The Evolving Landscape of Personal Data Privacy”

GPT4 – Ethical, Social, Economic implications (#GPTGenerated)

I asked GPT-4 : What are potential ethical, social, and economic implications of GPT4? GPT-4 RESPONSE As a powerful AI language model, GPT-4 has numerous potential implications across ethical, social, and economic dimensions. Here, we discuss some of these implications: Ethical implications: Social implications: Economic implications: While GPT-4 holds immense potential, it is crucial toContinue reading “GPT4 – Ethical, Social, Economic implications (#GPTGenerated)”