GPT4 – Ethical, Social, Economic implications (#GPTGenerated)

I asked GPT-4 : What are potential ethical, social, and economic implications of GPT4? GPT-4 RESPONSE As a powerful AI language model, GPT-4 has numerous potential implications across ethical, social, and economic dimensions. Here, we discuss some of these implications: Ethical implications: Social implications: Economic implications: While GPT-4 holds immense potential, it is crucial toContinue reading “GPT4 – Ethical, Social, Economic implications (#GPTGenerated)”

Ethical AI – Scorecards & Governance

The first thing to do, for any governing body that is serious about implementing governance over Artificial Intelligence, is to come up with a simple and effective scorecard. No AI model should be released into the real world, until and unless this scorecard is attached alongside the model distribution. And the scorecard will be evaluatedContinue reading “Ethical AI – Scorecards & Governance”