Everyone feels stuck at some point in their life. Life has a strange way of bringing this word into our routine, exciting, boring, adventurous or the most balanced of journeys. To make matters worse, you could be stuck with anything – work, studies, creativity, health, money, parenthood, family, and on and on. There is noContinue reading “Stuck”

Of Oligarchs & Philanthropists

A small article about my personal observation on wordplay at the global level. Indian business owner makes it big = Tycoon Russian business owner makes it big = Oligarch Chinese business owner makes it big = Autocrat American business owner makes it big = Philanthropist The End. “Like” to send positive feedback to me“Comment” toContinue reading “Of Oligarchs & Philanthropists”


The world we live in, is filled with the Artificial.For example: Artificial Flowers, Artificial Food, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Organs, Artificial Rain, Artificial Food additives and the list can go on and on…Is this a bad thing? Not always. Artificial Organs for example, are a good thing. These help human beings who would otherwise be disabledContinue reading “Unnatural”


A small, fun post on how people react to the same thing differently… ** For those who do not understand the word ‘release’ – roughly put, it is the day you end all work on your product – development, testing, reviews – and release the product to the end users. There can be press releases,Continue reading “Releases”