You are Precious

All 3 are on the same plant. All 3 at different stages of their journey through life. All 3 equally precious. You, my dear reader, are equally precious. Not because of the stage of life you are in. As you can see, it does not matter. You are precious, because you exist! “Like” if youContinue reading “You are Precious”

Laid off? Believe in yourself. Options and Actions.

A layoff is an unexpected and direct shock to your system. There are no 2 ways about this. And when layoffs happen in bulk, they cause shockwaves in the entire professional community leading to a period of sadness and uncertainty for everyone. I am no different. Earlier today, I read a post from an employeeContinue reading “Laid off? Believe in yourself. Options and Actions.”

Dear Non-Resident Indians – confused where to live?

Migrated to another country, but not enjoying it? Unable to decide whether to stay or to come back? What would be best for your child? You wish to come back, but your spouse does not? What about earning money and retiring earlier? What about festivals? Culture? Friends? Family? Aaahhhhh…..!!!! People think that immigrating to anotherContinue reading “Dear Non-Resident Indians – confused where to live?”

Life skills your child should learn before leaving your home

Schools and colleges are creating workers. And most parents are worried about their kids just enough, to ensure the kids can clear their school / college examinations and get a good “job”. While formal education is important, both seem mostly clueless, and neither is interested in teaching kids the basic life skills – the importanceContinue reading “Life skills your child should learn before leaving your home”

The Circles of Wealth – Part 2

PART 1 You would remember, we ended part 1 of this post with a very important conclusion –For 99% of the people on this planet, the family you are born in decides the monetary progress you will achieve in the rest of your life. Do read Part 1 to help make sense of the above; andContinue reading “The Circles of Wealth – Part 2”

With the fear of COVID re-emerging – What can small businesses in the travel / hospitality industry do?

As news of the rise of COVID cases across China and South Korea spreads, the world is becoming worried about a re-emergence of new variants of COVID which could lead us back to the deadly scenarios we witnessed in 2020 and 2021. Indian government has already asked all medical agencies to start sharing COVID dataContinue reading “With the fear of COVID re-emerging – What can small businesses in the travel / hospitality industry do?”

Weakness is Powerful

Alfred Adler said – ‘In fact, if we were to ask ourselves who is the strongest person in our culture, the logical answer would be the baby. The baby rules and cannot be dominated.’ The baby rules over the adults with his weakness. And it is because of this weakness that no one can controlContinue reading “Weakness is Powerful”

Disposable – Men

2220 A.D. The story begins with Meera, a woman in her mid-life, waiting in a queue, lost in her thoughts. She has been struggling the last few months. Not financially. Financially, she is highly independent, has strong work ethic, has a great set of investments and is one of the top AI Bots Trainer. ThisContinue reading “Disposable – Men”

The Circles of Wealth

I do not intend to bore you with the definition of money, wealth, power or family. Nor start a history lesson. These are self-explanatory terms and have been defined and debated for millennia. Instead, I would like to share my observations and conclusions basis 20 years of work and 40+ years of living on thisContinue reading “The Circles of Wealth”

Short Story – Scared

Once upon a time, there lived a family of 4, high up in the snowy mountains – dog, baby, woman and man. One day, the baby was playing and the dog was laying at the corner of the room. The baby got itself entangled in some rope and started to appear distressed. The German ShepherdContinue reading “Short Story – Scared”