The Great Resignation

Start 2020 – Mid 2020When Covid struck, there was a wave of layoffs and employees were fired all across the world. Employees that remained, lost trust in their employers, wanted to raise their voice, but with a fear of a big recession coming, kept quiet. Also, people laid off, were mostly in the lower performanceContinue reading “The Great Resignation”

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Book – Definition a written work that is published as printed pages fastened together inside a cover, or in electronic form. Books have a strange way of guiding your life. Books never hold you accountable, allow complete privacy, never threaten, do not spoon feed, and still, by the time you are done reading a book,Continue reading “Books”

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On Identity, Habits & Peace

You meet someone for the first time. The first meaningful communication exchange, is generally your names. What next? Does the person try to understand “who you are” by trying to ask probing questions? Could be something like – “What do you do?” or “Where are you from?” or “How do you like the party?” OrContinue reading “On Identity, Habits & Peace”

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Everyone feels stuck at some point in their life. Life has a strange way of bringing this word into our routine, exciting, boring, adventurous or the most balanced of journeys. To make matters worse, you could be stuck with anything – work, studies, creativity, health, money, parenthood, family, and on and on. There is noContinue reading “Stuck”

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Of Oligarchs & Philanthropists

A small article about my personal observation on wordplay at the global level. Indian business owner makes it big = Tycoon Russian business owner makes it big = Oligarch Chinese business owner makes it big = Autocrat American business owner makes it big = Philanthropist The End. “Like” to send positive feedback to me“Comment” toContinue reading “Of Oligarchs & Philanthropists”


The world we live in, is filled with the Artificial.For example: Artificial Flowers, Artificial Food, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Organs, Artificial Rain, Artificial Food additives and the list can go on and on…Is this a bad thing? Not always. Artificial Organs for example, are a good thing. These help human beings who would otherwise be disabledContinue reading “Unnatural”

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A small, fun post on how people react to the same thing differently… ** For those who do not understand the word ‘release’ – roughly put, it is the day you end all work on your product – development, testing, reviews – and release the product to the end users. There can be press releases,Continue reading “Releases”