LLMs + Knowledge Graphs (#GPT4Generated)

There isn’t a definitive answer to whether it’s better to use knowledge graphs for language modeling instead of large language models like GPT-4, as each approach has its own advantages and limitations. The choice depends on the specific goals and requirements of a given task or application. Advantages of knowledge graphs: Limitations of knowledge graphs:Continue reading “LLMs + Knowledge Graphs (#GPT4Generated)”

GPT4 – Ethical, Social, Economic implications (#GPTGenerated)

I asked GPT-4 : What are potential ethical, social, and economic implications of GPT4? GPT-4 RESPONSE As a powerful AI language model, GPT-4 has numerous potential implications across ethical, social, and economic dimensions. Here, we discuss some of these implications: Ethical implications: Social implications: Economic implications: While GPT-4 holds immense potential, it is crucial toContinue reading “GPT4 – Ethical, Social, Economic implications (#GPTGenerated)”

New Technology : Key Considerations

You are an entrepreneur leading an enterprise business. That piece of shiny new technology is out in the market. And FOMO campaigns are being doled out by Tech companies’ marketing teams. Sales teams are reaching out to your competition. A few have of course reached out to you as well. “If you do not investContinue reading “New Technology : Key Considerations”

Ethical AI – Scorecards & Governance

The first thing to do, for any governing body that is serious about implementing governance over Artificial Intelligence, is to come up with a simple and effective scorecard. No AI model should be released into the real world, until and unless this scorecard is attached alongside the model distribution. And the scorecard will be evaluatedContinue reading “Ethical AI – Scorecards & Governance”

AI and Kids (Gen Next)

This is a short post. Some pictures created by Midjourney and the prompts used are below. Prompt 1 : a robot explaining the concepts of the universe to a human being in space just outside our solar system, super realistic Prompt 2 : a tree with cherry blossoms falling from it in the middle ofContinue reading “AI and Kids (Gen Next)”

Indian IT job market – March 2023

My profile: Role: Practice Builder, Product Manager, Thought Leader, Solutioning LeadSkills: Data & AI, Cloud, Digital Transformation, Stakeholder Management, Vendor Management, Solutioning, and more.Years: 20 Did you know: It takes approximately 6 months (on average) to find the right piece of work, especially given the years of experience I have and…. ummm… the other factor. 🤑Continue reading “Indian IT job market – March 2023”

Future of Planet Earth: Technology + AI (GPT3)

What is the future of our planet earth? As an AI language model, I cannot predict the future with certainty, but I can provide insights based on current scientific research and trends. The future of our planet depends on the actions we take to address the challenges we face, including climate change, pollution, loss ofContinue reading “Future of Planet Earth: Technology + AI (GPT3)”

I asked ChatGPT (AI) to write a New Year message for me…

Question – Write a new year message for 2023 listing some insights from 2022 ChatGPT response:I’m sorry, but I am unable to write a new year message for 2023 as my knowledge is based on information that was available up until 2021 and I am not able to browse the internet or access any newContinue reading “I asked ChatGPT (AI) to write a New Year message for me…”

3D Printing – What can Manufacturers do to Mitigate this Risk?

As of today, 3D printing is possible for varied products using a composition of multiple chemicals and compounds. From basic shapes like cubes and spheres; to shoes; to ceramic mugs and plates; to body parts and bones; to literally houses; and last but not the least, components for rockets being sent to space! reference EachContinue reading “3D Printing – What can Manufacturers do to Mitigate this Risk?”